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Filled coffee cup and three cinnamon sticks on a bark tray.

Happy Weekend & Favorite Reads of the Week

photo via iopop Happy Friday! What are you up to this weekend? I’m invited to a Holiday Gift Making Bonanza, where we’ll be making soaps and creams from essential oils. I think it sounds like a lovely way to start off the holiday season, don’t you? I also look forward to cozying up with a latte

A collection of wedding invitations

Beautifully Designed: Rustic Wedding Invitations

From left to right: 1. Christine & Ian’s DIY Lasercut Woodland Wedding Invitations, 2.  Maple Tea Press – Letterpress Stationary, 3. RK + MM Wedding Invites, 4. Mint & Kraft Wedding Invitation, 5. Magnolia Press , 6. Loren Klein’s Invitations, 7. Design by Breanna Rose, 8. Invitations by Nicole McQuade With our friends’ wedding around the corner, and our own coming up next summer, I’ve

Alt Text for Images. A guide to Accessible and SEO Friendly images. Background: Screenshot of Pinterest feed.

Alt Text – A Guide to Accessible and SEO Friendly Web Images

What is Alt Text? Alternative Text, or Alt Text, is an important, yet frequently overlooked component of a web image. Simply put, it’s a short description of an image. You probably have seen it before – inside an HTML element it looks something like this: <img src=”pink-coffee-cup.jpg” alt=“Pink coffee cup on wooden table“ />.  When uploading or editing an image in your